Characteristics Of The Course

The course has a duration of 24 months. There are compulsory and elective disciplines, being the student responsible for completing 16 credits in compulsory and 12 credits in electives. In addition, the student must complete 4 credits of complementary activities, such as: publications, participation in congresses, class administration and extension activities. The dissertation for obtaining the Master's degree will be worth 10 credits. Each credit is equal to 15 hours. The student must complete 630 hours.

Mandatory courses will be taught on Mondays morning and electives on Mondays afternoon, and Tuesdays morning and afternoon. Of the total credits, 25% may be completed in another Stricto Sensu Postgraduate Course at master's and/or PhD level, as long they are recognized by Capes.

The student will also be able to fulfill credits of elective disciplines offered by another master’s course of the Santo Amaro University. The partnerships of the course with other Institutions, Hospitals and with the basic attention network of the Unified Health System offer an extended practice field for research, besides offering laboratory structure for translational researches.