Main Disciplines

Compulsory Disciplines
•    Scientific Research Methodology;
•    Biostatistics;
•    Interdisciplinary Research Seminars.

Elective Disciplines
•    Bioethics;
•    Didactics of Higher Education;
•    Cardiovascular Disease, Changes in lifestyle and Control of Risk Factors;
•    Infectious and Parasitic Diseases and Their Grievances;
•    Health Education: Interrelationship and Contexts;
•    Epidemiology;
•    Epidemiology of Diseases Prevalent in the South Region of São Paulo;
•    Strategies for Prevention, Control and Intervention of Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases: exercise and health;
•    Markers of risk in Communicable and Non-communicable diseases;
•    Qualitative Research Methodology;
•    Public Policies and Integral Health Care;
•    Nutritional Surveillance of Population Groups.